Resources to Help You Start a Successful Real Estate Agency

Want to start a real estate business or real estate agency in Pakistan and wonder where to get
the appropriate education from? Or you want to learn about how to deal with the clients who
aren’t sure about what they desire in their dream house. Or are you aware of the websites that
assist real estate agency owners and real estate agents in keeping up with the latest ongoing
trends of the industry?
Finding valuable resources to kick start a successful real estate agency is itself a challenge and
along with all the hectic paperwork, generating new leads and arranging open houses for
properties that are on sale becomes a bit difficult.
Here in this article, we have researched and summed up all the valuable resources for you that
are highly recommended by both the real estate agents and real estate brokers, for starting a
successful real estate agency.
Important Association
Real Estate Professional Association (REPA)
Real Estate Professional Association (REPA) is Pakistan’s largest real estate trade association. In
order to get benefits from REPA, you need to become REPA’s member of REPA.
The organization only assists its members and affiliates to grow into successful and professional
realtors who abide by the laws, rules and regulations while providing highly professional
services to their clients and safeguarding their clients (individuals or businesses) hard earned
money that is invested in any real estate project.
Invaluable Resource Hubs
High Star Marketing
High Star Marketing is a real estate marketing firm that primarily deals with the Punjab’s
market segment of Pakistan’s real estate industry. Nova City Islamabad and Rudn Enclave
Rawalpindi are some of its esteemed projects. High Star Marketing is a team of highly skilled
marketing professionals that helps businesses grow and succeed.
Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme
Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is a project launched by Primer Imran Khan, where the goal is to
provide houses to the working class of Pakistan.
Talking about providing investment opportunities to the working class, Nova City Payment Plan
is one such payment plan designed by a private housing scheme that offers booking
opportunity with as low as 10% down payment along with an easy investment plan that gives
the flexibility to pay off the remaining cost in easy installments over a period of 2.5 – 3 years.

Hence, allowing the salaried individuals to invest their hard earned money in a highly rewarding
investment opportunity while maintaining their budget as well.
Naya Pakistan Hosuing Scheme offers real estate investment opportunities to the clients. If your
client is a bit lost about what they want, then you can refer them to Naya Pakistan Housing
Scheme where they would find a home / property as per their needs and desires.
Deal & Deals YouTube Channel
Deal & Deals, established in 2012 is also one of the leading real estate agencies in Pakistan.
Deal & Deals are a team of professionally seasoned real estate industry experts diligently
working to offer premium services and experience to the customer as a customer satisfaction is
their priority,
Deal & Deals YouTube channel shares information regarding Pakistan’s highly profitable mega
residential real estate projects in the central and upper Punjab region of Pakistan such as
Capital Smart City Lahore Latest Updates, Blue World City Islamabad and Park View City.
Capital Smart City Lahore Latest Updates are that it offers an amazing investment opportunity
to overseas Pakistani, as only overseas Pakistani are eligible to invest in Capital Smart City
Lahore Overseas Block.
While Blue World City Master Plan is being developed and designed as Pakistan’s tourist
destination and offers an incredibly convenient and affordable Blue World City Payment Plan.
Whereas, Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan and Park View City Installment Plan are also
designed keeping in mind the convenience and affordability of investors.
However, the Park View City Master Plan design depicts Park View City as the most luxurious
residential community situated amidst the lush green botanical gardens of Islamabad along
with the glorious Margalla Hills in the backdrop.
Deal & Deals prioritizes its clients and aims to foster evergreen, long-lasting relationships with
our clients, therefore, the information shared on Deal & Deals YouTube channel is delivered by
a professional team of real estate industry experts ensuring that the exciting yet sensitive
information concerning about investing your hard earned money, makes this channel a highly
reliable source.
Therefore, if you want to know more about Pakistan’s real estate industry, then Deal & Deals
YouTube Channel is the place you start.
News & Trends
Express Tribune

Express Tribune is Pakistan’s local English language newspaper and Pakistan’s only newspaper
that is directly affiliated with International New York Times. Therefore, if you want to keep up
to date with all the latest developments and ongoing trends of Pakistan’s real estate industry,
the Express Tribune is the right place to learn from.
Dawn News
If you prefer reading traditional newspapers, then Dawn News is the newspaper for you.
Pakistan’s first national newspaper has a dedicated section of classifieds where valuable
information, advice regarding the real estate industry of Pakistan from Pakistan’s real estate
experts along with various investment opportunities in Pakistan’s real estate industry.
Marketing and Tools
Real estate industry is a previously well established and saturated industry, therefore, figuring
out new ways to develop your brand image and then market your brand is quite a challenge.
Apsense is a niche marketing tool that offers valuable content relevant to the real estate
industry. The article topics on this platform vary from artificial intelligence to the future of the
residential real estate market segment of Pakistan’s real estate industry. The content provided
is generic and reader friendly so that you can gain information while enjoying a light read.
WordPress is not only a blogging platform, but also helps in designing and developing a website
for your real estate business. Therefore, if you want to build a digital identity of your business
while marketing it, then WordPress is the right tool for you.
In short, there are many ways to grow and promote your business. In order to fulfill your
pursuit of growing and expanding your real estate business you can utilize the above
mentioned resources or you can develop your own road map that works best for you.

5 Amenities to Look For While Investing In a Real Estate

Are you a first time home buyer or a first time real estate investor? If yes, then this article is for
Usually, first time buyers or investors are a bit lost when it comes to describing the qualities
and features of their ideal real estate property. Therefore, to make it easy for your real estate
agent it’s important that you list down and describe the features, qualities and amenities you
are looking for in your real estate property.
In this article we’ll be discussing the major top 5 amenities that you should consider before
investing in real estate property.
Location is the main aspect that is to be considered when investing in real estate property. The
greater the location, the greater the number of investments. The location of your real estate
would define the total quantity of rent it would generate, the quality of renters it
would attract and how long your renters would rent out your property.
A great locality with lush green greenbelts, security, quality educational facilities, top notch
healthcare facilities, transportation, recreational spots, commercial hubs and markets along
with an uninterrupted supply of basic amenities such as water, power and gas increases the
worth of your real estate property.
Also, another factor that enhances the worth of a real estate property with respect to location
is security. If the location is safe and secure, then eventually more prospects would be
interested in buying or renting out your real estate property. Hence, it’s important that you
thoroughly research and survey the location to get to know whether the crime rate in the
locality is high or low and then you can plan your long term goals accordingly as now you would
have a little insight into the locality's crime rate.
Sensible Numbers
Remember while purchasing a real estate property from a business perspective it’s crucially
important that you don’t give into your emotions while making important decisions. Always
remember that the property you are investing in is your income property and not the one that
you would personally use. Therefore, remain emotionally intelligent when making the buying
Yes, yes. You got it right. Here the numbers mean the total amount of cost that you’d be
spending over the property such as the purchasing price, property taxes, renovations etc. In
short, develop a solid financial strategy before making any investment.

While playing with numbers, it’s also important to note here that if the locality in which your
property exists has high rentals does not, I repeat does not mean that your cash flow would be
increased. Hence, it’s recommended that you thoroughly go through the total expenditure and
calculate whether or not your rentals would help you cover up the investments you made
Most of the time, real estate properties with less investment and moderate rental prices tend
to generate more profit.
Invest In Low Maintenance Real Estate Property
Always invest in real estate property that is low maintenance. Usually, income properties such
as vacation homes, student hostels etc. are high maintenance or real estate properties in low or
mediocre areas that are in critical conditions, no doubt such properties offer a great return on
investment but also require a great deal of work from your end.
Low maintenance real estate properties are those which appeal and attract reliable and long
term tenants. Moreover, low maintenance real estate properties won’t be much luxurious but
rather lucrative, strong and steady. Also, low maintenance properties aren’t the most attractive
real estate properties in the market and that is perfectly fine.
Another thing to keep in mind while seeking out low maintenance real estate property is to
make sure your property is near you. If you won’t be hiring a property manager and would look
after the property yourself then location of your income property becomes a key player.
Because, flying out or driving to your income property every now and then for maintenance
purposes would become a pain itself. Hence, it is preferred that income properties should be
bought in localities / areas close to your residence.
Potential to Appreciate
In income property, value is considered as appreciation. As an investor, there are two points
when you would get appreciation. First is when you purchase the income property and the
second is when you sell your income property further.
After purchasing the income property, potential appreciation can be gained by doing little
renovations and touch ups here and there over the property and then analyzing how much
those few minor changes have increased the rental value.
The second point at which your income property’s worth is determined is when you sell it
again. After purchasing and holding the land, increase the worth of your income property. As
the worth of some localities / areas is always fluctuating.
The potential to appreciate an income property also increases according to its location. If the
income property is located within a large, secured and gated community that is further planned

to develop and enhance with more amenities would definitely increase the value of your
income property.
Smart, Through & Through
Just as in any other business, smart work is more valued than hard work. Similarly, in real estate
business, working smartly can lead you to great and steady investment. If you aren’t working
smartly then the chances of getting into high risk scenarios are increased. Therefore, smart
work means that you hold your income property long term. Long term rentals are not only
smart but also normal as it generates a steady cash flow while decreasing the chances of high
In the real estate industry, normal or smart means practical. A practical place or house is a
decent place where a family could reside. Example of a practical and decent place is a single
family home with three bedrooms, two baths, located centrally with easy access to quality
educational institutes, top class health facilities along with vast employment opportunities.
Apart from this, in income property or rental property you also need to fulfill the demands and
needs of your targeted segment. If your targeted segment is for example students, young
professionals etc. then the layout of your income property should be kept open so that your
young tenants can arrange the space according to their needs and if your targeted segment is
elderly or retired community then your income property must not have stairs.
Bottom line of holding to rent real estate investment is sticking to the basics. Although sticking
with the basics is neither attractive nor exciting, long term success is guaranteed.